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grow with the flow

grow with the flow

grow with the flowgrow with the flow

daisyface flow & The Daisyface Space Student testimonials

Brian C. of Boston, MA


"I cannot say enough positive things about the energy that Morgan Chase and her crew brings. I am a USMC veteran and was looking to calm some inner troubles and get my physical health back up to standard. Her knowledge and years of experience truly shines through as she explains what the body is doing and how it helps in our daily routines of life. The beach yoga, on Saturday's at 10AM, is my absolute favorite way to start the day. In a pressure free environment, this is perfect for the first time novice, or the experienced, and everyone in between. Thank you Morgan for bringing your daisyface flow into my life. I recommend, without hesitation or reservation, that anyone slightly interested in yoga, contact her!"

Gwenn F. of Cambridge, MA


"I would highly suggest Morgan as your yoga instructor for small groups and parties. She’s lead me in multiple sessions for girl’s nights, family sunset yoga, and date nights. She keeps it centered but plays great new music (she’s always down to create a personalize play list, if you have suggestions). Morgan is always open to understanding what we hoped to get out of our sessions (like to re-center and calm down or to get in a great workout) and is really receptive to any additions or changes for the next class.

I would highly suggest her for great sunset yoga on the Esplanade or another beautiful outdoor venue."

Lisa B. of Milton, MA


"I had the privilege of attending a daisyface flow series this summer. It embodied every aspect you long for in a yoga class. 

A well thought out and executed series equipped with the perfect balance of challenge and graceful movement sequences. 

I loved every minute of it. Her passion resonates in her presentation and in the intention she incorporates into every class. Authentic and inspiring."

Caitlin G. of Lynn, MA


"Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how amazing my girl Morgan is!! I had the absolutle pleasure of practicing with Ms. Chase this summer at a few of her outdoor South Boston yoga classes and I gotta say....OMazing!! This girl knows what up!! Not only did I break a sweat during our flow I left feeling centered and ready to tackle the rest of my day. The classes are perfect for all levels and the soundtrack is killlla! I would highly recommend daisyface flow to anyone who wants a teacher who is approachable, personal and full of good vibes!! LOVE daisyface flow!!"

Nicole R. of Boston, MA


"So far, I have attended two classes with Morgan as my instructor and I had a blast! The Sunday at Sea session was especially wonderful. It was a beautiful, relaxing experience with an awesome group of people. The 30-minute meditation at the end left me feeling great. I had never meditated prior to that and I after that session, I decided to continue to meditating. Thanks Morgan! I look forward to attending more sessions!"

Bob K. of Cambridge, MA


"I've had the opportunity to work with Morgan on several occasions in private sessions and each one has been fantastic.  

Morgan has been a great teacher for me, a total novice, and she has also done several great classes for me and my girlfriend, who is much more experienced.  

I've been very impressed with Morgan's ability to create balanced flows that are both approachable enough for beginners and also challenging enough for more seasoned yoga practitioners."

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