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grow with the flow

grow with the flowgrow with the flow

I'm Morgan! A free flowin' high vibin' yoga teachin' plant  eatin' flower-child 

sharing my passion & love for this practice with the world.

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grow with the flow

Why yoga?

This form of physical activity has not only been practiced for thousands of years, but provides health & wellness on and off the mat.

Positive impacts will be noticed physically, as well as mentally & spiritually, too.

I was able to dive deep into yoga after finally getting sober in 2015 following a 10-year battle with alcohol & drug addiction. This practice of self-love & compassion was what was missing & it's truly brought me back to my intended path. 

Public classes, private sessions, events, & retreats...

However you're looking to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle, Morgan and daisyface flow have a way.

With 6 weekly public classes in The daisyface Space Yoga & Meditation Studio, to private 1:1 sessions custom fit to your needs, to "right to your door" yoga in the workplace with her Corporate offerings--you can rely on us to get you where you want to be in your practice.

There's no better time than the present!

If you've been considering yoga, listen. That's your intuition guiding you to your mat. We all started somewhere, and with this practice, consistency is key!

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Yoga has changed my life for the better, that's why I've dedicated the rest of mine to sharing this gift with all of you.

Love & light, always.