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grow with the flow

grow with the flowgrow with the flow

Solace circle community

Chase the sun!

SOLace Circle is a community dedicated to serving those who struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Founded in 2019 by Morgan Chase after her life-long struggle with winters in New England, she's seen community help & heal in other area's of her life & was inspired to share what she's learned about this debilitating mood disorder with other's who may be in pain. 

SOL - as in the SUN! 

Solace - comfort or consolation in  time of distress or sadness.

Circle - for the sacred  shape representing totality, wholeness,  the Self,  & a safe, honest space to open up & share. 

Join SOLace Circle's journey to help others through dietary recommendations, light therapy resources, yoga sequencing, guided meditations, sound healing, Ayurvedic herbal supplements/teas, & more!

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